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Learning to Drive

At Stanley Common Driving School learners progress at their own pace in a series of interlinked steps.

Do you see yourself here?

  1. Complete Beginner
    On a quiet residential estate you will be introduced to the car controls and learn how to move off and stop the car safely. Further skills may be introduced if there is time. For the next few hours you will be introduced to further basic skills so you will safely learn to control the car on quiet residential estates and sometimes depending where you live quiet country roads. As you advance the skills you learn become more advanced and the routes you drive on become more complicated as your confidence grows.

  2. You had a few lessons some time ago and then stopped due to money, baby work etc
    Once again you will start on a quiet residential estate. For some people they find they have forgotten most of what they used to know. For others with a bit of prompting it doesn’t take long for the skills and ability to come back.

  3. You failed your test or a number of tests some time ago and since then you haven’t had any driving lessons
    It is expected that the learner will have difficulties with certain skills, as you need to drive regularly to maintain a high standard. But usually by the end of the first lesson the learner will be able to drive on quite advanced routes.

  4. Your Mum, Dad, girlfriend etc has taught you to drive but you feel you may have picked up some bad habits which you want to eliminate before your test
    I will assess your driving on the first lesson and find out what you know and what you have problems with.

  5. For various reasons you want to change your instructor
    Where you start your lessons and the roads you drive on will depend on your ability and how many lessons you have had. In the first lesson I will assess what you know and what you find difficult.

  6. You have a non British licence which is valid for a year in Britain and you want to pass the British driving test and so obtain a full British driving licence
    I will advise you on the pathway to taking a British test. I will also assess your driving. Driving tests vary from country to country. The British test requires a relatively high standard of driving compared to most driving tests around the world.
Learning to Drive
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